Spring Term

1/4 Course

1/2 Course

January Term

1/4 Course

Systems Biology 305qc: Practical Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology is a new discipline that seeks to enable the predictable engineering of biological systems. According to one conception of synthetic biology, proteins and genetic regulatory elements are modular and can be combined in a predictable manner. In practice however, assembled genetic devices do not function as expected. The purpose of the course is to go beyond the textbook, first-pass description of molecular mechanisms and focus on details that are specifically relevant to engineering biological systems.

Fall Term

1/4 Course

Systems Biology 303qc: Dynamic and Stochastic Processes in Cells Part 1

We will examine how the some of the key requirements of living systems are implemented and how quantitative experimental methods and mathematical analysis can help us understand them. The mathematical techniques will be introduced along the way, to the level that will help students understand current papers in systems biology.

Systems Biology 304qc: Dynamic and Stochastic Processes in Cells Part 2

Lecture 1: Stochastic chemical events
•When are stochastic events relevant?
•Memory-lacking exponential step
•Formulate Markov processes (Master Equations)

Lecture 2: Exact simulation algorithms
•The Doob-Gillespie algorithm
•Exact stochastic-deterministic hybrid methods
•Integrating Master Equations
•Simulating rare events

1/2 Course

Systems Biology 204: Biomolecular Engineering and Synthetic Biology

A course focusing on the rational design, construction and applications of nucleic acid and protein-based  synthetic molecular and cellular machinery and systems. Students are mentored to produce substantial term projects, which are tailored to each student's strengths and interests.

Systems Biology 212. Communication of Science

Students will work collaboratively with faculty and one another on critical science communication skills including crafting graphics, writing fellowships, and giving oral presentations.