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photo of Peter Sorger  Otto Krayer Professor of Systems Biology
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 Executive Assistant: Christina Rodriguez


Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology |Harvard Tissue Atlas |Center for Cancer Systems Pharmacology

Peter’s research focuses on the systems biology of signal transduction networks controlling cell proliferation and death, the dysregulation of these networks in cancer and inflammatory diseases and the mechanisms of action of therapeutic drugs targeting signaling proteins. His group uses mathematical and experimental approaches to construct and test computational models of signaling in human and murine cells as a means to understand and eventually predict the responses of cells and tumors to drugs applied individually and in combination. The Sorger group also develops open-source software for analyzing biological networks and it participates in multiple collaborative programs working to improve data reproducibility. As head of the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology (LSP) Peter leads a university-wide effort to advance the basic and translational science used to develop new medicines, identify responsive patients and evaluate new drugs via precision clinical trials. The LSP is a highly collaborative research environment involving faculty from eight different institutions. Peter supervises graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research staff active in bench science, computational modeling, and clinical trials – cross functional research and traiing is the norm. Over 30 former students and fellows now hold faculty positions in the US, Europe, and Asia and a similar number individuals are leaders in the biotech, software, and pharma industries. If you are interested in joining the lab please contact Peter directly (copying Christina).

About Dr. Sorger: Peter Sorger PhD is the Otto Krayer Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School, Head of the Harvard Program in Therapeutic Sciences (HiTS) and Director of its Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology. Peter received his AB from Harvard College, PhD from Trinity College, Cambridge University U.K., under the supervision of Hugh Pelham and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Francisco with Harold Varmus and Andrew Murray. Prior to coming to HMS, Peter served as a Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering at MIT. He and his family members are avid hikers and skiers