Research Areas

Our faculty take a quantitative and mathematical approach to problems of complex intracellular and intercellular circuits, phenotypic variation and evolution.  Almost all labs in the Department integrate experiment and theory, sometimes in a collaboration within or across labs, and sometimes within a single person. Areas of special interest include:

Zebrafish embryo

Developmental Biology 
Angela DePace | Sean Megason | Marc Kirschner



Marc Kirschner | 
Ying Lu | Tim Mitchison | Vamsi Mootha | Peter Sorger | Ralph Weissleder


A rendering of RNA in 3D Mathematical And Computational Biology
Markus Basan | Walter Fontana | Jeremy Gunawardena | John Higgins
Debora Marks | Johan Paulsson
Cancer networks Signaling and Cellular Decision-Making
Markus Basan | Walter Fontana | Jeremy Gunawardena | Allon Klein
Marc Kirschner | Galit Lahav | Johan Paulsson
Mike Springer | Peter Sorger
Depiction of mitosis with an equation overlaid Organization of Cells and Organisms in Time and Space
Markus Basan | Angela DePace | Sean Megason | Marc Kirschner
Tim Mitchison | Jagesh ShahPamela Silver
DNA fonts Synthetic Biology
Pamela Silver | Peng Yin